Don't look at this on a phone.

Sound should be ON.


Thanks to everyone who shared a part of their brain for the launch of this project: carol touma, Ateen Savadkoohi, Aaron Chávez, Connor McCampbell, Sydney, Julio Correa, Loré Yessuff, Kylie Ting, Marlon Hedrick, Sharmeen Somani, Mitchell D. Webb, M. Kelsey Roberts, sunny.

carol touma is an anti-capitalist chasing butterflies around her backyard and complaining about the 40 hour work week.

Ateen Savadkoohi is a human, a friend, a lover, a sister. In between textile printing and music playing, you may find her finishing a crossword, tracing phylogenies, or skating down Anderson.

Sydney is a woman. Sydney lives in Austin, Tx. Sydney enjoys.

Connor McCampbell is an Austin musician who likes to do so many other things. You’ll probably find him having a good time.

sunny is a human living in cherrywood.